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For She-Fans Only – This Butt’s For You!

Today, Monday, March 16, is a special day, for it is the birthday of one of my favorite bloggers – Jenn of Phillies Phollowers. If you’ve read some of her blogs, you know by now that she is a fan of the male posterior.

So Jenn, Happy Birthday! Instead of a dozen roses, I offer you a dozen derrieres – enjoy!

1. Let’s start with A-Rod. He’s been in the news a lot lately. But we’re not discussing that today. After all, he has a nice healthy butt:


2. The batting gloves arranged symmetrically on the backside of this unidentified Atlantic City Surf player offer a nice touch:


3. A member of the Minnesota Twins’ coaching staff models what I call the “double-bubble” look (putting baseballs in your back pockets just isn’t a good look):


4. A member of the Phillies’ coaching staff also displays the dreaded “double-bubble”. Hope he remembers to take them out before he sits down!:

varsho.jpg5. Cole Hamels models the “single-bubble”:


6. This Reading Phillies player was not feeling the love for his pink bat on Mother’s Day – he went 0 for 4 using it. He was thoughtful enough to stand still for this rear-end view:


7. A Pirates’ infielder shows off his fielding, and his posterior, during pre-game warm-ups in Spring Training 2007:


8. Mark Teixeira and his butt visited Tampa Bay in 2005, when Mark was a member of the Texas Rangers:

teixeira.jpg9. The rightfielder for the Charleston River Dogs displays his assets while tying his shoe during a minor-league game:

shoetyingbutt.jpg10. I’m not sure I want to know what Dan Uggla is doing to Cody Ross’ butt:


11. This mascot shook its ample booty during a Clearwater Threshers game last June. I have no clue what it’s supposed to be, but numerous mascots had gathered to celebrate Phinley’s birthday (this is not Phinley):

mascotbutt.jpg12. And finally, let’s top it off with a veritable chorus-line of butts, warming up prior to a Savannah Sand Gnats game last year:


Jenn, I know you’ve seen some of these before, but now the whole blogosphere can enjoy! I’ll be back, hopefully later today, with my next stadium installment. Until then, this butt’s for you!

(all photos are my own)