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I’ve Got Credit!

After my last post, in which I discovered three clones of my Mike Stutes photo being used on various websites, I started to wonder if there were any more photos of mine floating around out there in cyberspace, uncredited. So I spent a morning googling again.

Lo and behold, I happened upon Freddy Galvis:

Domonic Brown:

and finally a non-Phillie, Mets farmhand Eric Niesen:

I can kind of understand a Mets site not really being too keen on the idea of giving photo credit to a Phillies blog. 🙂

The funny thing is that the photos of Stutes, Brown, and Niesen all came from the very same blog post. Must have been a popular one. 🙂

I finally decided to contact the websites in question about their use of my pictures. I’m happy to report that all five got back to me right away (some of them within mere minutes!), and have added a photo credit to me on their sites. Many thanks to all of you for handling this so quickly!


Seeing Quadruple

While creating my last blog post, I wanted to check some information on Mike Stutes’ college career. So I did what everyone does these days, and googled “Michael Stutes”. In the results for images, I noticed one that looked very familiar:

This was a photo I took in August 2009, and used in a subsequent blog post. But when I hovered my cursor over the photo, I noticed it wasn’t from my blog, but from a site called Bleacher Report. So I clicked on it and found this:

I also noticed an option to search by image.

I was a bit surprised to find two more sites that were using the same picture. Here it is on Phuture Phillies:

And here on phillysports.com:

The curious thing is that my photo first appeared in 2009, and all three of these posts are from 2011. I have to imagine that there were other/newer (better?) pictures of Stutes out there for scavenging.

Nonetheless, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I suppose I should be flattered that these three sites liked my picture enough to use it. I just wish at least one of them would have given me/my blog proper credit!