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#@&%@*, Brad Lidge!!! #*&@%!!!

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What you see above is what happens when you actually do this:

BangingHeadAgainstKeyboardStreetSig.gif Banging Head on Computer Keyboard image by TheKen08

There! Just for the record, no foreheads were actually injured during this little experiment.

Now, Brad Lidge, even though I know you’re not reading this, I feel I must vent my frustrations with you.

Note to Brad:

Just because the other team’s closer blows a save in the top of the ninth, doesn’t mean you have to copy him and do the same in the bottom of the ninth! Remember, nobody likes a copycat!

I really don’t want to have to decapitate your bobblehead, like Jenn suggested in a recent post.

But Brad, this is now your ninth blown save of the season!! I know it’s a bit unrealistic of us to expect perfection two years in a row, but nine is a new career high (or should I say “low”) for you.

Please stop it right this instant, or I shall have to resort to drastic measures! Keep in mind, I own a voodoo doll (typographically challenged, but never mind).

voodoodoll2.jpgYou wouldn’t want to wake up tomorrow with a nasty case of Hairy Eaps or Importenci, would you?



I Give My Thanks to Ben Francisco

If not for Ben Francisco’s leadoff homer in the top of the 12th, I would have been doing this today

BangingHeadAgainstKeyboardStreetSig.gif Banging Head on Computer Keyboard image by TheKen08

as I sat writing about Brad Lidge’s seventh blown save of the season.

The Nose Knows

Things had looked bleak back in the sixth, with the Phils down 2-0. I was already envisioning doing the head-banging thing, as Rich Harden had been perfect through 5 1/3. But then Carlos Ruiz walked with one out. J.A. Happ then made a pathetic attempt at a sacrifice bunt, popping out to Derrek Lee and failing to advance Ruiz. So with two outs, Jimmy Rollins comes to the plate, and my husband announced he could “smell” a two-run homer.

Sure enough, Jimmy came through to tie the game!

The Phils went up 3-2 in the eighth, when Ryan Howard walked with the bases loaded. Thank you Ryan, for not striking out!

But darn it, Brad Lidge came on in the bottom of the ninth. Unlike last year, he has been anything but “lights out” this year. As mentioned earlier, he allowed the Cubs to tie the score, for his seventh blown save. Ready…to…tear…hair…out! Guess it’s a good thing Charlie doesn’t have too much of his own hair left, because if he felt like I did, he’d have been yanking it out by the handful.

Fast forward to the top of the 12th, and Francisco’s homer puts the Phils ahead. Heading into the bottom of the 12th, I commented that thankfully Lidge couldn’t come in again to blow another save. Chad Durbin entered the game and did what Lidge could not, preserve a one-run lead to get the save.

Give Me An ‘O’!

Today’s Inquirer had a good write-up about prospect Domonic Brown, who was recently promoted to AA-Reading. According to the story, Brown remains a shy prospect despite the recent attention cast on him by various trade-deadline rumors, and only recently informed the Phillies that they have been spelling his name wrong ever since he was drafted.

So I looked in the 2009 Media Guide, and sure enough it was spelled “Dominic”. I also noted that he had been drafted in 2006! A mere three years ago. Better late than never, I guess.

This Sunday we’ll be heading to Reading for the game, so I hope to get a good look at (and some good photos of) Brown in action.