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Monday Morning Cheesesteak Rant

So, yeah, my blog is called “Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts”, but I really don’t rant all that much. I’m a pretty easy going person, I usually keep my opinions pretty quiet so as not to offend people, but today I can’t help myself. Over the weekend I found out something that was quite upsetting.

Buried way down in an article on phillies.com about changes at the ballpark for the upcoming season, was a single sentence that mentioned a new cheese steak vendor. This means that no longer will I be able to get one of these:


Rick’s Steaks. What I consider one of the very best cheesesteaks I have ever eaten. Granted, you can feel your arteries clogging up just looking at it. But it is a gloriously greasy, gooey bite of cheesesteak heaven. The perfect ratio of meat, cheese, and the all-important sauteed onions.

Not that I have anything against the new vendor, Campo’s, but it’s just that not all cheesesteaks are created the same. I’m sure that there are those who may prefer the Campo’s version, but once you have found the perfect cheesesteak for you, it’s very difficult to enjoy any other version.

Rick’s website even has instructions for preparing a cheesesteak at home, but the last time I tried to make cheesesteaks indoors, all the sizzling juices caused every smoke detector in my house to go off. The builder of our house seems to have thought that it was not necessary to install an exhaust fan over the cooktop that actually exhausts to the outside, but that a microwave with an exhaust fan that shoots the air back out into the kitchen would suffice! Idiots! And the house smelled like cheesesteaks for the next day or so.

So if I’m at the ballpark this summer and have a cheesesteak craving, I’ll probably give the new vendor a try. Maybe it won’t live up to my cheesesteak standards. But maybe that will be a good thing for my arteries! 

(cheesesteak image from http://www.rickssteaks.com/cheesesteaks101.html)