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Catching Up

Geez, I’ve been really bad lately about posting, and even worse in keeping up with everyone else’s blogs. Hopefully now that vacations are over and the summer winds down, things will improve on my end.

Part of my problem is that my thoughts have been a little too random lately. I’m never sure whether to lump them all together in one big post, or separate them into smaller posts, and then because of indecision I end up posting nothing at all. So for today, I’m just putting this mish-mash out there for your perusal.

Big Weinie Award

weiner comparison.jpgMy first Big Weinie Award goes to Pedro Feliz, who, with a runner on first and one out, ran in to field a grounder, and instead of going for the sure out at first, inexplicably fired across his body to second, whereupon it sailed right past Chase Utley (who was obviously not expecting the throw) and into centerfield. So instead of a man on second with two outs, there are now runners on second and third with one out. Things went downhill after that, and I feel no need to recap them all.

[photographic note: What you see above is what happens when a man goes grocery shopping – instead of the normal sized dogs like the one on the left, they come home with the pumped up “Super dogs” like the one on the right. Little did my husband realize they were actually chicken dogs. He was so enamored of their size, he didn’t read the rest of the package!]

Who knew housecleaning could be so much fun?

My father-in-law recently sent up a box of stuff that he was unloading, for my perusal. Among the usual picture frames, odd kitchen gadgets, etc. was an almost 29-year-old piece of newspaper. Not just any old paper, mind you, but this:

1980paper.JPGAn old Philadelphia Bulletin (now defunct) from the Phillies first World Series Championship in 1980. Cool! Thanks, PapPap!

Caption Contest #1

Here’s a shot of Pirates manager John Russell and bench coach Gary Varsho, taken prior to the Phillies-Pirates game at Citizen’s Bank Park on July 10. Coincidentally, both Russell and Varsho spent part of their playing careers as Phillies.

synchronized standing.jpgWhat are they doing? Practicing some sort of synchronized standing? Trying to decide who won’t be with the team much longer? Send me your creative captions!

Caption Contest #2

Hmm. Lots of possibilities here. This was taken just last night, July 30, at the Wilmington Blue Rocks game.

IMG_0577 crop.jpgDavid Mailman (yes, that’s his real name), an outfielder for the Salem Red Sox, is pondering something, but what?

As always, the best caption(s) will get a shout out in my next post!

(all photos by me)