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Which Is Worse?

I’m not sure which would be the more painful proposition – a poke in the eye with a sharp stick,

or having spent Labor Day weekend watching the Phillies implode and get swept in four games by the Houston Astros.

Thankfully, I don’t know, as I had a very busy Labor Day weekend and watched not a single minute of the Phillies’ attempts to play baseball, or I may have been apoplectic. Friday night saw end-of-summer drinks at a neighbor’s house, Saturday I attended a photo workshop at the Lehigh Valley IronPigs game, Sunday brought a drive to D.C. for a Nationals/Marlins game (stadium #21, just nine more to go!), and Monday was spent with family.

So I mercifully missed seeing Cole Hamels lose his composure (again), the offense come up short (again), and Brad Lidge blow a save (again, for number 10 on the season).

[Note to Brad: 10 is only perfect if you’re Bo Derek or Nadia Comaneci]

So tonight brings the Phillies to Washington to take on the lowly Nationals. My voodoo doll’s mojo must not be strong enough to reach all the way to Houston, but D.C. is only three hours away.

Listen up, Phillies! I demand a victory, or I will inflict Atmlltes Foot upon all of you!