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Say What?!?

I nearly spit out my coffee this morning while reading the sports section of the Inquirer. In the midst of various notable baseball tidbits was this gem:

Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland said yesterday that, while he does not condone the use of performance-enhancing drugs, most fans don’t care about the issue.

“The people who care about it probably don’t like baseball,” Leyland said.

Come again?

Mr. Leyland has obviously not been reading the posts here at MLBlogs, from bloggers like Emily at I Live For This, Jen at A Diatribe from a Journalism Student, or Julia at Julia’s Rants. They don’t just like baseball, they love baseball. And judging by the comments to some of these posts, many other fans feel the same way – there is no place for PEDs in this game.

It is thinking like this that has allowed the problem to perpetuate. For Mr. Leyland to allow this quote into the press is irresponsible.