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The Lost Art of Penmanship

Towards the end of the summer, I decided to pick out some of the better pictures I’d taken at Reading Phillies games this year, and see if I could get them autographed. This isn’t too difficult an endeavor at Reading – obviously it’s much smaller than major league ballparks, and the players have to actually walk across the public concourse to get from the clubhouse to the field. Out of eight photos, I managed to get four of them signed.

Judging by the resulting signatures, baseball players do not place much of a premium on good handwriting. Their grade-school teachers would be appalled!

Good thing these signatures are on photos, and not something generic, like a ball. Otherwise, I might be hard-pressed after a few months to identify the player in question. Here they are, in descending order of legibility.

Sergio Escalona

auto escalona.jpgSergio at least seems to have tried to get most of the letters in there. The S and E are pretty obvious, accompanied by a bunch of other squiggles. Sergio has since been called up to the parent Phillies, to help bolster the injury-plagued bullpen. Good luck Sergio!

Quintin Berry

auto berry.jpgKind of curvy and pretty (the signature, not the player), but it would be impossible to read if you didn’t know what it was. Quintin was named to the Eastern League’s Mid-season and Post-season All-Star squads (apparently they have two), and just missed (by one base) leading the league with stolen bases, with 48.

Domonic Brown

auto brown.jpgOne of the Phillies’ top prospects, Domonic seems to be going the “initials” route with his signature, with the D and B seeming to be all that’s there. Brown began the season at single-A Clearwater, and was promoted to double-A Reading mid-season. He will likely play in the Arizona Fall League.

Joe Savery

auto savery.jpgOK, I’ll give him the J, but the other part doesn’t even resemble an S. If this weren’t on a photo, I might think one of my kids was scribbling just to see if the pen was working. Joe was also named to the Eastern League Mid-season and Post-season All-Star squads, and was promoted to triple-A Lehigh Valley at the end of July.


I’ve “picked” a winner!

Not too many of you were feeling creative for my last caption contest, but nonetheless I’ve chosen my favorite.


“So, what are you harvesting today?”

Thanks to Julia of Julia’s Rants!

(all photos by me)


I’m Feeling Kind Of Blah

Blah. That’s how I’ve been feeling lately. The Phillies certainly haven’t been doing anything to inspire me. After being swept by the Mets last week in that short two-game series, they dropped two of three to the Braves over the weekend. Thankfully, they didn’t play yesterday.

I’ve also discovered that I seem to be on the opposite schedule from most of you – while other bloggers seem to post more on the weekends, I often don’t have an opportunity to blog until the kids are back to school on Monday. Now I’m trying to get caught up on all the entries I missed reading over the past few days!

Not that I didn’t do anything baseball-related over the weekend. We were actually quite busy.

My 7-year-old daughter had softball games on Friday night and Saturday morning. Saturday’s game was at 9 a.m. – unfortunately neither she nor I are morning people! Here she is on Friday night, having just made contact with the ball:


And here she is the next morning, running to first:


Right after her game, my 10-year-old son had a baseball game. He pitched two innings in this game – his first inning was great, retiring the side in order, but things kind of fell apart his second inning. He almost squirmed out of a bases loaded jam with no outs, getting two strikeouts, but it was not to be.


Later in the game, he was playing shortstop, and here is about to throw the ball to first:


One of the things I don’t like about taking pictures at their games is that there always seems to be a view of the parking lot behind the action. There are very few angles I can shoot at which won’t have a car in the background. Aargh.

Later, we went to see the Reading Phillies host the Altoona Curve, double-A affiliate of the Pirates. Each year the league my kids play in has a night at Reading where they get to walk around the field on the warning track prior to the game. For even more fun, there were fireworks after the game.

During pre-game warmups, this Reading player looks like he is practicing for a career with the Rockettes, just in case this baseball thing doesn’t work out:


Phillies pitching prospect Joe Savery was on the mound:


R-Phils centerfielder Quintin Berry has a blog here on MLBlogs called Q-Tip. I wish he would update it more frequently! He is also featured in two photos from the game. Here he appears to be making his bat levitate with mind power:


Actually, he has just drawn a walk, and dropped his bat, although I caught it before it hit the ground.

After a foul tip knocked the mask off the catcher, no one seems to want to touch the ball (maybe the catcher had cooties!):


Lastly, this guy has one of those classic names that can only belong to a baseball player:


R-Phils catcher Tuffy Gosewisch. Seriously, can you imagine someone named Tuffy as an accountant, doctor, or a lawyer? I think not.

Although the R-Phils dropped this game by a score of 4-2, the fireworks after the game more than made up for the lack of fireworks during the game.

The big-league Phillies are back in action tonight, as they begin a three-game home set against the Manny-less Dodgers. As Manny is currently serving his suspension, I will be spared the sight of him with that mouthpiece spending more time out of his mouth than in.

(all photos by me)