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Who Is The World’s Oldest Living Ballplayer?

Good question. Bet you thought it was Jamie Moyer.

Hah! He’s only 47. Not even close to this guy:


That’s right, it’s Jose Molina! And here you thought Bengie was the oldest Molina brother.

If the Toronto Blue Jays Spring Training program is to be believed – and why would they lie?  – Jose is about to celebrate his 215th birthday in a couple of months.

Hey, Jose, how about sharing some of your longevity secrets with the rest of us mere mortals?

[special thanks to my husband for spotting this gem]


Special Programming Note:

You may have noticed that I have not really said much about the Phillies so far this season. Well, they were off to such a good start, that I was afraid to say anything and possibly jinx it. It seemed too good to be true. But, like all Philadelphia fans, I am genetically predisposed to expect the worst, and last night it happened.

Kyle Kendrick pitched masterfully through eight innings, and the Phillies entered the ninth leading the Braves 3-0. With two outs, Madson allowed a two-run homer to Troy Glaus, followed immediately by a solo shot from Jason Heyward. Game tied, save blown.

Jose Contreras gave up the winning run in the tenth, another solo homer to the supremely annoying Nate McLouth, but really, the main culprit here is Madson. This game should have been over, with one more notch under the “W” column for the Phillies.

Ryan Madson can NOT close games!!!

Madson’s ERA last year in non-save situations: 2.56

His ERA last year in save situations: 5.82!