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Take Me Out to the Turntable

Yeah, I know, use of the term “turntable” really dates me, but it sounded better than “mp3 player”. When I’m not obsessing about baseball, music is something I hold near and dear. I like listening to all kinds of music – rock, blues, jazz, even a little rap if it’s not a minefield of f-bombs. And there’s even the occasional baseball tie-in.

So I thought it would be fun to create a little quiz, with, appropriately enough, nine questions. Here goes:

1) What musical duo asked the lyrical question, “Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?”

2) What position does John Fogerty want to play when he sings, “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play”?

3) What singer “had a friend was a big baseball player, back in high school”?

4) What Hall of Famer calls play-by-play for Meat Loaf as he tries for a “home run”?

5) Joe Pernice asks what slugger to hit a “moonshot” in a song heard during the closing credits of “Fever Pitch”?

6) “The Phillies got the groove” in a lyrically modified version of this song by McFadden and Whitehead. What is the title?

7) The 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates co-opted the song “We Are Family” from what musical group hailing from, ahem, Philadelphia?

8) In addition to playing baseball and predicting the future, Jimmy Rollins has a music production company. What is it called?

9) Which former Yankee recorded a jazz album entitled “The Journey Within”?

Extra Innings (I’ll make this one multiple choice, as it’s a bit obscure):

This famous photo of Babe Ruth, taken by New York Herald Tribune photographer Nat Fein, won a Pulitzer Prize.
1949.jpg It was also used on the cover of an album by what rock group?

a) Black Flag          b) Black Train Jack       c) The Jack Rubies

I’ll post the answers tomorrow.  Until then, hope you have fun with it!

(photo courtesy Nat Fein Estate, found on http://www.hagginmuseum.org/exhibitions/pulitzer/photos.htm)