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Like A Surgeon

A postseason virgin, Roy “Doc” Halladay pitched with surgical precision last night on his way to no-hitting the Reds in his playoff debut.

physician_throwing_scalpel_.gifAll I can say is, “Wow!”

After Doc mowed down the Reds in the first few innings, I began to think “Wouldn’t it be cool if he threw a perfect game?” Of course, I think this every time a Phillies pitcher retires the side in order for three innings or so. Perfect it would not be, though, as a walk erased that thought. But the no-hitter was still intact!

Due to the rather inconvenient starting time of 5:07 (who comes up with these things, anyway?), I missed portions of the game while picking up the kids from CCD. We also needed to eat dinner, but I left the TV on so we could at least hear it while eating. I was thankfully able to sit down and properly watch the final two innings, as history unfolded across my screen.

Game 1 to the Phils! Hooray! No game tonight; Roy Oswalt will take the mound tomorrow in Game 2.

Random Thoughts on the NLDS so far:

– Just like last year, the lousy sound on TBS is going to drive me crazy! Would someone please get them some better microphones? The crowd always sounds muted and tinny, like it’s at the end of a long metal tunnel. It would have been nice to get a sense of the excitement in the ballpark over the broadcast, instead of having to take the announcer’s word for it.

– There are no former Reds on the Phillies’ roster, though the Reds have three former Phillies on theirs: Arthur Rhodes, Miguel Cairo, and Scott Rolen. No deep meaning, just an observation.

– Speaking of Scott Rolen, does that man ever smile? It’s one thing to be intensely focused on the game (i.e., Roy Halladay), but Rolen looks like he’s either constipated or plotting mass murder.

cranky rolen.jpgOK, so that photo is from last season, but that’s pretty much the way he looks whenever the camera happens to show him. Yo, Scott, there are millions of men who would love to trade places with you to play the game they love for a living, so could you at least look like you’re having a little bit of fun??

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Doc Halladay must have known I needed something to get me excited about the playoffs, so he went out tonight and no-hit the Reds, allowing only one baserunner on a walk. Wow, talk about making a splash in your postseason debut!

So I have now officially caught the playoff Phever!

And I am now officially over Cliff Lee. I can scrap my cloning plans from last year – with H2O, it’s better living through chemistry!

[longer post tomorrow, when I have more time]

20 Stadiums in 20 Days – Coors Field

If you read my last post, you’ll recall that I was in Los Angeles. Two days later, the second leg of my business trip took my husband and I to Denver, home of the Colorado Rockies. Whereas our experience at Dodger Stadium had been sunny and warm, our visit to Coors Field turned out to be anything but that. However, it was a great night.

We were apparently following the Dodgers, as we would see them take on the Rockies on September 17, 1996.

coors.jpgThis picture is the only one from our visit to Coors. It was not taken the night of the game we went to – note that the sky is beautiful and sunny. Less than 24 hours prior, it was dark, rainy, and cold. So rainy that I didn’t even try to take my camera to the game, which is really unlike me.

So why did we go to a rainy night game? Because this was only the second season for Coors Field, and it was still pretty hard to get tickets. I’d ordered the tickets in advance once I knew we’d be in Denver, and was only able to get Rockpile seats for the game. Still, we had the tickets and wanted to use them, considering our flight home left the next afternoon.

It hadn’t actually been raining all day, though it was looking threatening. And having just come from L.A., we didn’t have anything warm to wear. So a few hours before game time, we ended up in a Gap in downtown Denver, buying jackets with fleece linings in them.

As we left our hotel for the walk to the stadium, it was raining lightly. Once we got to the stadium it continued to rain. Game time comes, and guess what? Rain delay!

Ultimately a two-hour rain delay. Lord only knows why we waited it out, and didn’t just go back to the hotel. But we walked around and around the concourse, and eventually it was announced that the game would start. We made our way to our seats.

Not only were they in the Rockpile, the farthest section from the field, they were only a few rows from the very top of the Rockpile. But because of the delay, there were a lot of empty seats, so after an inning or two we moved down to the front of the section.

It never did really stop raining; it just sort of drizzled and misted most of the night. And even though we had our brand new fleece-lined jackets, I still froze my *ss off!

Eventually we made our way over to the first row or two of the left-center field seats. While we were there, we saw a home run hit by the Dodgers’ Tim Wallach bounce off some guy’s chest, only to be claimed by another guy sitting a few rows in front of him. The first guy tried to argue that the ball should be his because it hit him first, but to no avail.

The Rockies didn’t do much that night, losing to the Dodgers 9-0.

So what, you ask, was so great? Hideo Nomo had just pitched a no-hitter at the most hitter-friendly park in the major leagues. And we had witnessed it!

The next day was, of course, beautiful, but we had a late afternoon flight to catch. We walked around the stadium area, so I could take the above picture. A man walking down the street asked us if we wanted two tickets to that afternoon’s game, as he couldn’t use them. We said “no thanks”. After walking another block we could have kicked ourselves, having just realized that we could have gone in at least for a few innings, even if we didn’t stay for the whole game. As they say, hindsight is 20/20.

Postscript: we still have the jackets we bought in Denver, and I often wear mine during the winter. And believe it or not, the price of Rockpile tickets is still the same as we paid almost 13 years ago – only $4!

Trivia Tid-Bit! Can anyone tell me what was unusual about this game? (yes, I know, but I want to see if you do)

Up next, The Ballpark In Arlington.