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The Pains of Being Kyle Kendrick

First came the elaborate prank in Spring Training of 2008, when Kyle was fooled into believing that he’d been traded to a team in Japan.

Then came trips to the minors, trips to the bullpen, and being left off the postseason roster.

Most recently, he was the odd man out when the Phils signed Cliff Lee, giving them six starters to fill five rotation spots.

Now comes this indignity:

faceless kendrick.jpg
Really, Inquirer, you couldn’t find a picture of Kendrick that didn’t have the ball over his face?

The Inquirer Revises History Again

OK, I know I haven’t been here in awhile. Maybe you’re wondering what I’ve been up to all summer. Or maybe not.

A sizable chunk of my time has been devoted to keeping the peace between my offspring, ages 9 and 12, and preventing them from causing bodily harm to each other. Once they are back in school (my mental countdown has already begun!), I’ll have time to sit and compose a longer entry.

A while back, I mentioned that the Philadelphia Inquirer had implied that there were 32 major league baseball teams.

Now they would have us believe that the Brewers, Astros, Rays, Padres, and Rockies have, at some time, actually won a World Series:

Thumbnail image for Inquirer scan0001.jpg
I imagine the fans of those five teams would love to know when, or in what alternate universe, that happened, because they missed it!

I’ll assume that what they were trying to say was that those three teams have never even appeared in a World Series, but really, don’t newspapers employ people to check these kinds of facts before they print them?

Proofreader For Hire

Majestic Athletic apparel and the Philadelphia Inquirer could both use a good proofreader, judging by the following items of note.

1) Last night, Giants outfielder Eugenio Velez appeared in a game against Houston wearing a jersey with “San Francicso” across the front:
san francicso.jpg

Hmm, wonder where that is? I haven’t been able to find it in my atlas.


2) In this morning’s Inquirer was an item about a recent Forbes magazine comparison of the worth of all the major league franchises:
extra teams.jpg

“31 other” major league franchises? Meaning there are 32 altogether? Why have I never been aware of these two additional teams??

Since both Majestic and the Inquirer are located right here in eastern Pennsylvania – according to its website, Majestic is in Easton, PA, and the Inquirer is obviously in Philadelphia – I kindly offer my proofreading services to them. I wouldn’t ask for much in return. Some free jerseys, maybe? A chance to tag along with the Inky’s photographers? Anyway, I could certainly do a better job than whoever is doing it now.