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Seeing Quadruple

While creating my last blog post, I wanted to check some information on Mike Stutes’ college career. So I did what everyone does these days, and googled “Michael Stutes”. In the results for images, I noticed one that looked very familiar:

This was a photo I took in August 2009, and used in a subsequent blog post. But when I hovered my cursor over the photo, I noticed it wasn’t from my blog, but from a site called Bleacher Report. So I clicked on it and found this:

I also noticed an option to search by image.

I was a bit surprised to find two more sites that were using the same picture. Here it is on Phuture Phillies:

And here on phillysports.com:

The curious thing is that my photo first appeared in 2009, and all three of these posts are from 2011. I have to imagine that there were other/newer (better?) pictures of Stutes out there for scavenging.

Nonetheless, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I suppose I should be flattered that these three sites liked my picture enough to use it. I just wish at least one of them would have given me/my blog proper credit!