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Hurry Spring!

Or I may go insane.

As of 3 pm today, this was the view behind my house:


The snow is still falling fast and furious, and is expected to continue into tonight.

I am not a snow person. For a few delusional years in my early twenties, I tried to convince myself it wasn’t so bad. But I came to my senses, and realized that life is better with palm trees.

beach.jpgI am trying to console myself with the fact that in a mere 29 days, hubby and I will be on our way to sunny Clearwater, Florida for a week of Spring Training.

I just have to survive these white flakes of pure evil first.

***UPDATE: The Morning After***

Well, this is what it looks like this morning. Here is my patio:


and this is my deck:


At least it is nice and sunny today so some of it will melt off the roof and driveway.

The Phillies’ equipment truck was scheduled to leave today for Florida. I haven’t seen if it actually got on the road or not. Wish I could stow away inside.

Only 28 days now. *sigh*