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Phillies vs Yankees – It Was In The Cards

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After a few days of waiting to find out who would be the Phillies’ World Series opponent, the Yankees sent the Angels back home, defeating them in Game 6 of the ALCS. I was kind of hoping they’d go to Game 7, so the winner would only have one day off, they’d be nice and tired, and hopefully CC would not be available the first game or so. No such luck.

Nonetheless, destiny was fulfilled, and I will not have to hear those freakin’ thunder sticks booming out of my TV any more.

So why do I say “destiny”?

If you’re a regular reader of Jane Heller’s Confessions of a She-Fan, you may recall an entry she wrote back in February, after consulting a tarot card reader on the fortunes of the Yankees this season. Here’s an excerpt from the tarot card reader’s comment clarifying the results of her reading:

… So, for all of you fans out there that would really like to see the Yankees win the championship, keep your thoughts and feelings positive and in this way we can co-create a resonant field of success that energetically supports their win. It’s just quantum physics.



So Jane, does this mean that if Jenn and I concentrate hard enough, we can get the Phillies back to the WS? A Phillies-Yankees series would be cool!
Loved the article – it was really funny!


Glad you liked the article, Sue. Yes, we must concentrate and we will “manifest” our guys to victory! A Yankees-Phillies WS would work for me.