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Pat Is a Class Act

Just a quickie, while I have a moment. I wanted to share an ad that appeared in this morning’s Philadelphia Inquirer, from Pat Burrell, thanking the fans for their support.


I looked for a copy online, but couldn’t find one, so I tried scanning it. I had to scan it in two sections, my scanner’s not big enough. In case it’s hard to read, here is what is says:

An open letter to the great Philly fans and a great sports franchise from Pat Burrell:

As I prepare for the 2009 season with the Rays, I can’t help but reflect on the time I spent in Philly and I wanted to give you some of my thoughts.

To the Phillies organization, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to live my dream as a prefessional ball player. It was great to finally share a championship with all the members of the organization from the top down.

To the fans, I write to let you know how much I appreciated your support over the years. Through good times and bad, I never doubted the support that all of you had for my teammates and me. That support was never more evident than in our great run through the playoffs last year where you absolutely played a key role in our championship. The last nine years have been a wild ride, and while at times there were struggles, I realize it was all well worth it every time I think about that memorable ride down Broad Street during the parade, It was great sharing it with you and I will always remember it.

My family and I thank the fans and the organization for all the great memories. You will never be forgotten and I hope to see you in October.

All my best,


Evidently Pat is looking forward to a Phillies/Rays rematch. 🙂

While I won’t miss some of Pat’s batting slumps, or what I call the Burrell Butt Thrust (when he jumps back from pitches he thinks are inside but are really over the plate), I will miss him as a person and player. I think he really did try his hardest, and the fans appreciated his effort. It was great that he got to experience the World Series victory as a Phillie.

Pat, best of luck to you this year as a Ray!