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We Want a Pitcher…

…who won’t be inducing the indigestion I’ve been experiencing lately while watching the Phillies. I think I’m going to be buying these:

tums.jpgby the caseload, if things continue this way.

Last night, Cole Hamels looked pretty good against the Padres through the first four innings, giving up one run on a solo homer to Luis Rodriguez in the third. At the end of four, the Phillies held a 7-1 lead.

After that, things went to h*ll in a handbasket pretty darn quick. Hamels gave up a two-run shot to Scott Hairston in the fifth, and another two-run shot to Nick Hundley in the sixth. But he still left the game with a 7-5 lead. Not great, but a lead nonetheless.

Unfortunately, the Padres’ bullpen held the Phillies scoreless after they’d scored 7 off of starter Chris Young. On the other side, normally reliable Ryan Madson gave up 3 runs to give the Padres a 8-7 lead. The Phils, unable to rally in the bottom of the ninth, took the loss after blowing a 6 run lead.


Their record now stands at 4-5. Last year, their record after nine games was also 4-5, and things didn’t turn out so bad.

However – in those nine games last year, the Phillies scored 39 runs, and gave up 48. This year through nine games, they’ve scored more runs, 49, but they’ve given up 62!


The Phillies have a chance to redeem themselves tonight, as Brett Myers faces Shawn Hill. I’m hoping that this afternoon’s memorial service for Harry Kalas, being held at the ballpark, does not prove too much of an emotional distraction.

C’mon, win another one for Harry!