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Trophy Time and an Elbow Update

I Saw The Trophy!

WStrophy.jpgFinally, one of the stops of the Phillies World Series Trophy Tour was nearby and at an opportune time. On Monday, the Trophy made a visit to the 422 Sportsplex, an indoor sports facility about a 15-minute drive from my house. The public viewing was scheduled from 5:00 to 6:30 pm. Thankfully, the kids didn’t have much homework that night, and I was able to bribe them into it by promising dinner at Chick-fil-a afterwards.

I warned them that we might have to wait in line for a while, but it turned out not to be too bad. We got there a few minutes before 5:00, and as soon as the picture-taking commenced, the line moved fairly quickly.

Of course, my children can never be in each others’ company for more than a few minutes before they start poking, pushing, and picking at each other. My daughter then announced that she would not be in the same picture as her brother.

Since an official-looking person had already come through the line handing out numbered tickets to each group, and there would supposedly be only one photo per ticket, I told her she had no choice. I didn’t want to get to the front of the line, and then hold things up by requesting each kid get their own picture.

Her: “I don’t care, I don’t want to be in the same picture.”

Me: “Well, you are going to be.”

Her: “Then I’m not getting my picture taken.”

Me: “You can each stand on opposite sides, that way the trophy will be between you.”

I began to entertain hopes that this wasn’t the real trophy, and only a stunt double. Horrible visions of my offspring knocking the thing over and breaking it flashed through my mind. How would I explain that to my husband?

Fortunately none of that transpired and by the time it was our turn they were on speaking terms again. Here we are with the Trophy:


I realized afterward that even though I had been standing right next to it, and had actually had my hand resting on the back of the stand (the red velvet part, not the actual Trophy), that I never really got a good look at it! Well, from afar, but not up close and personal. Your time with the trophy is limited, since they obviously want as many fans as possible to get a photo op. But at least I have proof I was there!

The Rebuilding of Scott Mathieson

Scott Mathieson was at one time a top pitching prospect in the Phillies organization. Here he is in 2005 pitching for the single-A Clearwater Threshers:


and the following year pitching for the double-A Reading Phillies:


He also pitched for Team Canada in the 2006 World Baseball Classic, and made his major-league debut later that season.

Since then, he has had not one, but two Tommy John surgeries.

He is in Clearwater this spring, attempting to make a comeback. According to this story on the Phillies website, although he initially came through the minors as a starter, he would most likely find a home in the bullpen if his comeback is successful.

So Scott, here’s wishing you a successful rehab, and that you find a spot this year in the Phillies’ system!

(all photos mine)